Friday, March 27, 2009

About the tutorials

Through out my teaching experience, I find it is faster and more rewarding for students to learn this craft by first choosing a simple project to start. Gradually, you can try more difficult projects that involve more advanced techniques. It’s more fun to learn this way, and you can feel very rewarding even after your very first simple project.

I would like to categorize my tutorials by techniques, although I enjoy working with fishing lines and wires mostly. However, because there are just too many techniques that you can use to create your own piece of jewelry, and I am still learning myself, therefore I should say, this blog will be dedicated to share what I have learned through out the years. If you have a new project idea, you are welcome to chip in and share your ideas here, too!

So, no more talking, let us start making something together! Please check again in a few days, I’ll be posting my very first online tutorial here! If you would like to be informed of new tutorial releases, please feel free to follow me on my twitter!! It is absolutely free to sign up for a twitter account. Join the crowd and see what twitter is all about!

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